FRATELLI INDUSTRIES was founded by Gavin Michael Vos, one of the industry’s leading rim designers, after years of frustration with the limitations to rim design faced with larger, traditional manufacturers. With in-depth experience and intimate knowledge of the industry, in particular the challenges of rim manufacturing, FRATELLI has assembled a team of the industry’s leading developers, production engineers, and quality control specialists.
FRATELLI INDUSTRIES has, in a very short time, taken rim development to new levels. This has been achieved by combining foreign design and market understanding, with Taiwan’s vast experience as a manufacturing hub for the bicycle industry at its core.

TAIWAN is arguably the bicycle manufacturing capital of the world, and has been for at least the past 30 years.  With an estimated 90% of all MTB brands manufacturing their product here (frames, components, tires and accessories), it is no surprise that the quality of product manufactured here surpasses that found in most any other location globally. 

The experience of the diverse bicycle manufacturing network in Taiwan is certainly unmatched anywhere else in the world.   Check the finer detail of the product you are using - regardless of where the brand HQ is based, chances are the parts are manufactured in Taiwan before being shipped to USA or Germany, for example, to be assembled.

FRATELLI Industries was founded by SPANK Industries President Gavin Vos, and today not only produces SPANK Industries' award-winning alloy rims, but also designs and manufactures high end alloy rims for ‘top 10’ rim brands.

Our factory is situated snugly between high-grade export guava plantations and picturesque village temples about 45mins outside of central Taichung City, TAIWAN.  Our factory staff are all local to the village area and commute locally to work by scooter and bicycle.